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Setting the Tone at 100 Bridge Street

The Berkshire Co-Op Aerial View

Tim Geller, Executive Director for Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire, writes about the new Berkshire Co-Op development project.

Berkshire Co-Op Plans Major Expansion


The Berkshire Co-Op has outgrown its 4,500 square foot space and plans to relocate to a new location, down the street. The site is the former location of the New England Log Homes factory and is considered to be highly contaminated with pollutants. However, the development plan includes a complete clean-up of the site. Options for the clean-up included removal of the waste ($20 million), capping the polluted area ($7 million) or the exciting prospect of using bio-remediation to clean the site. Bio-remediation is the process of using naturally occurring organisms, which break down and absorb the toxins at a very quick rate, eliminating toxins from the soil.

Read the full article below: The Berkshire Record, December 7, 2012

Berkshire Co-op Announces Move

The Berkshire Co-Op Redevelopment

The Berkshire Co-Op has announced that it's moving. Its new home will be located at the former New England Log Homes factory, which is directly down the street from its current location. The proposed land contains pollutants and is considered a brownfield site. The new eight-acre location will be cleaned up and include an expanded Berkshire Co-op Market, residential housing and a recreational project, which would include a two-acre Housatonic River waterfront park. It will be a $30 million redevelopment project.

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